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Who We Are

Beck’s Barber provides a full range of male grooming services. We specialize in providing an authentic and unique experience with the most basic haircut, including eyebrow trims, threading, ear candles, and a splash of traditional lemon colognes. At Beck’s Barber, you will enjoy a full relaxing grooming experience as Beck and his team are experts in men’s hair and style.

Beck’s Barber’s team makes use of their skills to beautifully shave with a cut-throat razor, followed by a hot towel massage, face mask, and use wax to remove the unwanted hair. We can also provide you a massage. 

If you have been searching for the best in hair, beard, and reliable services, we guarantee that you will leave our barbershop, feeling great.

Our mission is to provide the best and reliable service in St. John’s Wood, which our customers can be satisfied with. 

We welcome every gentleman to come and enjoy the excellent grooming experience with our wide range of services provided. These include haircuts, traditional wet shave, facial masks, ear candles, brow threading, and much more.

Beck is the founder of Beck’s Barber with 27 years of experience in the industry. Beck has always been passionate about his profession and is now a stalwart of Traditional Turkish barbering. He opened his first barbershop in Istanbul at the age of 18. He now works behind the chair and successfully manages his barbershop, in London, St John’s Wood.

Beck became the grandmaster craftsman status in 2006, The Chamber of Barbers in Turkey, which later fueled his passion for this profession.

Beck developed a passion for training people who share the same goals as him. Because of this, he decided to include teaching and assessing barbering NVQ 2 and 3. He then started delivering training for short barbering courses at the training academies in London and out at colleges and salons across the UK. This makes him extremely active in nearly every aspect of barbering imaginable. The art of barbering is a long-standing passing down from one generation to another, and a Master Barber only gives his title to his apprentice that has trained for many years.

The art of barbering is a long-standing tradition passed down from one generation to another and a master barber only gives his title to an apprentice that has trained for many years.